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It's not the winning but the spirit of fair-play, enjoyment and safety that is paramount.

This aim forms the basis upon which mini rugby is structured in Hong Kong and, indeed, in many countries. A competitive spirit is inevitable in any sport, but with children this should not be allowed to dominate or to detract from the joy of simply playing this game.

Currently there are more than a dozen clubs in Hong Kong offering mini rugby to almost three thousand children! It is arguably the best organised sport for children in Hong Kong featuring multi-club festivals and involvement in the international Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

The Hong Kong Mini Rugby Union oversees the game for players under 12 and arranges for all players to be insured. All clubs are represented and through this body maintain links with the HKRFU, which provides financial and training support. The last five years has seen a dramatic move from a sport previously dominated by expatriates to one in which all sectors of the community are involved especially the Chinese population.

The rules of mini rugby attempt to maximise the opportunities of each player to become involved in the game, develop skills commensurate with their age, and maintain safety. Details of the basic rules can be found in the either the indiviual team sections or for the various age groups in the Referee section. It is very important that everyone (coaches, players, parents and referees) has read and understood the code of conduct 

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weekly update

It was great to see such a large turnout at last Sunday's first training session. I'm glad to welcome you back for a new season.
And to the many people who joined for the first time: Welcome to the Tigers!

Training continues this Sunday at King's Park.

We will start the distribution of kit for age groups U6, U7 and U8. Please bring along your payment proof and registration papers.

We will need plenty of helpers to make the process run smooth, so if you want to volunteer please contact Jo and Mila who will be setting up in front of the changing rooms.

New balls will only be handed out to newcomers and to players entering the U10 and U9/10G age groups (who will get a size 4 ball).

Go Tigers!


2 more sleeps to go


Just two more sleeps to go until the new Tigers Mini Rugby season commences. Although I'm sure we all needed and enjoyed the summer break its now clearly high time to bring back the Kings Park Sunday. The kids are bouncing off the walls and I'm sure you are looking forward to watch them play the greatest sport on earth.

Training will start at 8:30am as always.
As there is too much to organise on the first day we will start the kit distribution next Sunday, Sept 11th. Please dress the kids in last year's kit and try to bring some of the rugby balls that are stuck under your sofa.
To all newcomers: some sporty clothes and sneakers are fine.

Below some info about each age groups head coaches and admins and the training location:

U6 (born 2011/2012) on pitch 3
Paul Murphy
Cali Shin
Lloyd Hardy

U7 (born 2010) on pitch 3
Rilla Roessel
Simon Galea

U8 (born 2009) on pitch 1
Julien Blondeau
Steve Warren

U9 (born 2008) on pitch 1
Ryan Gonsalves
Suzanne Reniers
David Hoffmann

U10 (born 2007) on pitch 1
Dai Kitamura
Doug Pulsford
Leo Stemp

U9/10G (born 2007/2008) on pitch 1
Karyn Robertson

U11 (born 2006) on pitch 2
Peter Grattan
Ronald Liu

U12 (born 2005) on pitch 2
Kamlesh Malkani

new season countdown - 2 weeks to go

I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and you are ready for another exciting rugby season. We will have our first training session on Sunday, September 4th so please don't hesitate and register with the rgeatest club in town at www.usrctigersminirugby.com.
For all newcomers: if you want to try out first, there is no need to pay yet. Just come to King's Park on Sept 4th and let your kids have a run.

For those who do pay, please hang on to proof of payment which will be needed to receive your kit for the season.

I'm looking forward to see all of you soon!


Go Tigers!



weekly update

Thanks to everyone who brought some food last Sunday and to those who gave the U12s boys and girls a fitting send-off. We wish all graduates all the best for their future careers in Tigers youth rugby.

Our rugby season has come to an end and a big thanks goes to all volunteers that helped make it a successful one. The 2016/17 season will start in late August and registration will open around July. Watch your mailbox for any updates throughout the summer.


Get well soon Celine!



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