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Mini rugby

It's not the winning but the spirit of fair-play, enjoyment and safety that is paramount.

This aim forms the basis upon which mini rugby is structured in Hong Kong and, indeed, in many countries. A competitive spirit is inevitable in any sport, but with children this should not be allowed to dominate or to detract from the joy of simply playing this game.

Currently there are more than a dozen clubs in Hong Kong offering mini rugby to almost three thousand children! It is arguably the best organised sport for children in Hong Kong featuring multi-club festivals and involvement in the international Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

The Hong Kong Mini Rugby Union oversees the game for players under 12 and arranges for all players to be insured. All clubs are represented and through this body maintain links with the HKRFU, which provides financial and training support. The last five years has seen a dramatic move from a sport previously dominated by expatriates to one in which all sectors of the community are involved especially the Chinese population.

The rules of mini rugby attempt to maximise the opportunities of each player to become involved in the game, develop skills commensurate with their age, and maintain safety. Details of the basic rules can be found in the either the indiviual team sections or for the various age groups in the Referee section. It is very important that everyone (coaches, players, parents and referees) has read and understood the code of conduct 

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weekly update

Regular training this Sunday, followed by a small Christmas party in front of the clubhouse. As every year please bring along a plate of food to share with everyone.

Schedule over the holidays

Sunday Dec 21  training and Christmas party
Sunday Dec 28  no training (touch tournament at KP)

Sunday Jan 04  KP not available but some age groups might train at KGV (details to follow)
Sunday Jan 11  regular training resumes
Sunday Jan 18  Tai Po Minis festival at Kings Park, please let your head coach know if you are available to play!


The ARFU Under 20’s Sevens Series Tournament will be held at Kings Park Sports Ground this Friday and Saturday, each day from 10am to 6pm. Quite a few Tigers in the HK squad so come up and support rugby's future stars! 

I'm off to the slopes so I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ho Ho Ho!


Training update

Regular training this Sunday, although we will have far fewer numbers as quite a few Tigers will be playing in festivals:

Those U6s, U7s and U8s who will travel to TaiPo to play in the Flying Kukris non-contact festival: your bus will leave 8:00am sharp from the usual spot at Wylie Rd.
Check with your respective head coaches for more details.

The U11s are touring Singapore and hope to bring back some silverware from the Centaurs Rugby Tournament. 

Schedule over the holidays:

Sunday Dec 07  regular training (apart from those who play in TaiPo or Singapore)
Sunday Dec 14  Flying Kukris contact festival at KP ( no training for U6, U7, U8)
Sunday Dec 21  training and Christmas party
Sunday Dec 28  no training (touch tournament at KP)
Sunday Jan 04   KP not available but some age groups might train at KGV (details to follow)
Sunday Jan 11  regular training resumes

The Webb Ellis Cup will be touring in Hong Kong next week and will be on display at King's Park on Monday 8th December from 5.30pm - 8pm.
Put your Tigers shirt on and catch a glimpse of rugby's most coveted prize!

Premiership game

Sam and Co against the frogs this Friday (5th), 20:00 at Kings Park!

Go Tigers!


weekly update

I trust all of you had a great time at Sandy Bay last Sunday.

There were some spirited displays by the youngest Tigers including a large number of tries by future Tiger sensation Kingston.

Advise to U6s: Just spear tackle that camera man next time, Reuben!

The U9 bambinos came back from Tigerfest gloom and took revenge with some massive wins, including vs FC1. Ragazzi ben fatto!

It had to happen one day: U10s A-team finally got their butts handed to them firmly in a loss to HKU1 but they came back fighting after some cotton candy and a few slaps by Stevie G. U10 B team won all 4.

U11 played some fantastic rugby and are now all ready for their tour to Singapore next week.

The U12 lassies smashed through the group stages in familiar fashion but ended up missing out on the cup, losing 1:3 to HKU in a bruiser.

Over at the Valley the U12 boys won the bowl and have now been promoted to the plate competition. Well done!

Training as usual this Sunday at KP, starting 8:30am sharp!!!

TSUNAMI will sell some supporters wear on the spot so bring some cash. Backpacks will also be for sale.
Those who haven't collected the drink bottles the kids made during Tigerfest, please pick them up as well.


Ryan eating stuff

U11s coach Ken Lai and his wife Christy filmed a food show during the summer with our USRC Tigers Premiership team hooker Ryan Campbell. In the show they take Ryan out to taste exotic HK cuisine ...such as bulls penis soup etc... The show, titled "搵食任務( Hunger Mission)" will air tonight at 10:00pm on TVB J2 channel. Check it out!

And please kindly vote for Ken through the TVB Fun app! If you don't have it,  search "TVB Fun" on the App Store to download for Free. 
Click 打開創意天空- and vote for '搵食任務(Hunger mission), each vote will automatically enter you in a  lucky draw, the winner will get a $20,000 prize.


Sevens Tickets

Please do not forget to place your order for tickets. We will need to send our order to the union by end of this month so there is not much time left!






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