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Mini rugby

It's not the winning but the spirit of fair-play, enjoyment and safety that is paramount.

This aim forms the basis upon which mini rugby is structured in Hong Kong and, indeed, in many countries. A competitive spirit is inevitable in any sport, but with children this should not be allowed to dominate or to detract from the joy of simply playing this game.

Currently there are more than a dozen clubs in Hong Kong offering mini rugby to almost three thousand children! It is arguably the best organised sport for children in Hong Kong featuring multi-club festivals and involvement in the international Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

The Hong Kong Mini Rugby Union oversees the game for players under 12 and arranges for all players to be insured. All clubs are represented and through this body maintain links with the HKRFU, which provides financial and training support. The last five years has seen a dramatic move from a sport previously dominated by expatriates to one in which all sectors of the community are involved especially the Chinese population.

The rules of mini rugby attempt to maximise the opportunities of each player to become involved in the game, develop skills commensurate with their age, and maintain safety. Details of the basic rules can be found in the either the indiviual team sections or for the various age groups in the Referee section. It is very important that everyone (coaches, players, parents and referees) has read and understood the code of conduct 

Training times
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Important Dates
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Training this Sunday

Training as usual tomorrow at Kings Park. The U11s will be at rugby camp over the weekend so we will have more space on pitch 2.

Unfortunately there will still be no kit for U6, U7 and U8 this Sunday, so unless your child is above average size, please hang on to your registration papers for one more week (big promise from our supplier!). Apologies for that!

Speaking of kit:

Far be it for me to encroach on anyone's fashion sense, but I have seen some kids wearing way too big shirts, making them easy to get grabbed by an opponent in a game. We do not want the kids look like they wearing spray-on nylon but getting grabbed and pulled by a flailing hem, and perhaps denied a try, is annoying. So, if your kids look like KrisKross, come and exchange their shirt for a smaller size.

Kit distribution

Slight change in tomorrow's kit distribution: After counting the kit today we found that we were short shipped the shirts for U6s and U7s. Although we have the shorts and socks, it makes no sense to hand them out partially. Therefor we won't be distributing kit to U6s and U7s tomorrow. If your kids is in U8 and rather small, then better wait as well. All others please bring along your payment slip and bar code.

Training and new Kit

It was great to see such a large turnout for our first day of training last Sunday. To all newcomers who joined training for the first time: Wellcome to the Tigers Den!

Many thanks to all the parent coaches and team managers who returned for another season and to our Prem players who helped at U9 and U12.

New Kit

We will be handing out the new kit this Sunday. In order to prevent long lines we will stagger the distribution like this:

U6s, U7s, U8s: from 9-10am and everyone else thereafter. We will be distributing kit all throughout the season, so there is no need to rush. If you see a long line, don't join it.

Please register and pay online, print out the form and hand it in to pick up your kit.
Important: For insurance purposes we need to have the printout with the bar code on it!


Every year we are spending money on way more balls than we have kids. While I understand that sometimes balls go kaput, due to normal wear and tear or Duncan Paul falling on them, I also know of some kids who have so many DeA balls at home they could start a business.
Therefor those are the rules:

- Newcomers will get a ball
- kids that move to U10s and U9/10girls will get a ball (size 4)
- head coaches can get balls at their discretion

Volunteers needed

Countdown to new season

The excitement  grows - it's only a few more days until we start our new season this Sunday, September 7th.

Our U11s had a chance to test the brand new pitch at Kings Park last Saturday and judging by the way they smashed each other to the ground they thoroughly enjoyed the new turf.


Coaches and Managers

I am very please to announce the following head coaches / managers for the teams:

U6: Ryan Gonsalves / Emma Owen (interim)
U7: John Richardson / Kim Burns
U8: Dai Kitamura, Leo Stemp, Doug Pulsford / Charlotte McKean (interim)
U9: Mirco Pallanti / Candy
U9/10Girls: Kenneth Au, Kwan Yang / Keith Chow
U10: Steve Gear / Kamlesh Malkani
U11:  Simon Galea / Duncan Paul
U11/12Girls:  Steve Gear / Carsten Martin
U12:  Sam Hocking (interim) / Connie Gurung


Our premiership team went on a ManU-esque buying spree this summer and reinforced themselves with some major imports. I'm happy that some of them will be available to help us coaching some of the upper age groups.
If you want to see them in action AND have a look at the refurbished KP earlier, then head up for HK Scottish Day on Saturday. Gallons of beer, Scottish food, (maybe) Scottish weather and a chance to watch our new USRC stars playing in a 10s tournament.


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